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By Will Corey
On July 8, 2022
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Online, a company needs a lot of marketing for what it wants to sell. This is especially true of apps. Their numbers are constantly growing, and people are easily lost inside the App Store, trying to find what they are looking for. If you provide a video, it will help potential users fully understand what they can do with your app, thus increasing your number of downloads. There are more topics here.

What is an App Store Preview Video?

You need to think of your app store preview video as a movie trailer. In it, people need to see the most important elements of your app and the most exciting things they can do with it. Viewers should be fascinated by the 30-second video (maximum length). It should not find its way to anything that is not necessary for future users to understand. The information needs to be clear so that everyone can understand right now whether your app is suitable for them. Of course, you have to sell the product, with all its benefits. You can upload up to three such videos per application. To get help creating your App Store preview video, contact the experts at https://www.rocket-aso.com/.

Why is this video so important to your global download results?

The difficulty, in an app store, is to get potential users to get your entire product page. The preview video opens automatically in the visitor’s browser (if it turns off “autoplay”, which is very rare). This is a unique opportunity for your company to explain to him what he is seeing, why he should download the app. In other words, it replaces your presence in front of the user, explaining the functions, as you are asked to do. This is your chance to increase your conversion rate. This is why the preview video is so important and needs to be carefully thought out and revisited until it is perfect.

Why do you have a “frog!” We have to start the video with

The best way to understand what someone else is feeling is to put your foot in their shoes. So, imagine scrolling yourself through different mobile apps. As soon as you do this, the videos will open and play will begin. If it doesn’t get your attention right away, what do you do? What exactly other visitors will do, which is to keep walking down the aisle, is still trying to find the “right app”, which is probably yours.

Take the element that sets you apart from all the other apps in your field and focus on it in such a way that people have to pause and watch for a few seconds. Impactful is the key word, here, you have to strike a chord inside the person sitting in front of his screen, to justify that he pays attention to you for more than a few seconds.

Lastly, remember to cover the bases through the three videos you can upload, instead of fitting everything into one. Confusion never bears good fruit.

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