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By Will Corey
On June 8, 2022
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The power of tick tock as a social media network has grown to unimaginable levels in the last few years. With more than 2 billion downloads worldwide and 850 monthly active users, Tik Tok is tall today along with other social media giants in the market like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

One of the many reasons behind the widespread success and popularity of Tik Tok is its layout, which allows viewers to find innovative, creative and bite-sized visual content.

There are so many types it’s hard to say. However, Tik Tok is new, evolving and growing at an unprecedented pace, surpassing other social media giants in many parameters.

So, why tick talk ads?

Tik Tok has a large user base that is growing, and its user base is spread across 150 countries and accessible in 75 languages.

It offers a diverse worldwide audience that is highly active on its platform. Moreover, the engagement rate on Tik Tok is the highest of any social media platform, making it a hotbed for marketers.

With its unique features and the potential for content to be much more viral than other platforms, paid advertising is a great way to ensure a high ROI as well as reach a wider audience with minimal effort.

Let’s calculate why your tick tock should be advertised in a simplified way –

  • Tik Tok is not just for teenagers, as about 50 to 60 percent of users come from different age populations.
  • Tik Tok offers unparalleled international reach.
  • Tik Tok is easy to use, and starting Tik Tok paid advertising is not rocket science. Tik Tok makes it easy to create videos with its features and tools. At Tik Tok, you don’t have to be glamorous – just be original and authentic.
  • In many ways, Tik Tok is the center of influential marketing. Choose from millions of influencers, and if you don’t know where to start, contact the experts at HouseofMarketers.com – influencers and pioneers of tick tock marketing services.
  • Increase brand relevance by consistently and creatively engaging Tic Tac Toe through regular posts, social media, tick tock ads and effective marketing. This helps build a loyal following by helping you position the brand better in your niche.
  • Tik Tok only allows video content, making it a great platform for exclusive video marketing. Videos are not muted by default, and are only video-platforms; Users are sure to see and hear your content. This means higher engagement and more hits in your call-to-action
  • Tik Tok is growing in popularity, and using Tik Tok paid advertising will certainly help brand awareness efforts. If you want to tap into the popularity and reach of Tik Tok but don’t know where to start, HouseofMarketers.com offers custom-tailored Tik Tok ad management and marketing services.

Tik Tok Advantages of Paid Advertising

Low cost

The cost of promoting Tik Tok paid advertising is much lower than other social media platforms.

You get improved market visibility by translating to higher revenue, footprint and brand recognition at a fraction of the cost of advertising on other platforms.

Connect with new and targeted viewers

Tik Tok offers marketers a feature called ‘Duplicate Viewer’, which helps marketers to channel their campaigns to an audience group that matches their marketing and business strategy.

It helps to get more bang for your money without breaking the bank.

High engagement rate

According to 2019 statistics, tick-tock engagement rates were higher than both Twitter and Instagram.

Even small users / influencers with 1,000 followers or less enjoy an average engagement rate of 9.38 percent. It says a lot about the branding and marketing possibilities offered to Tik Tok users and brands.

Local manufacturers

Tik Tok has the largest concentration of local manufacturers from around the world.

These local influencers are extremely popular in their communities and provide marketing opportunities to businesses seeking to penetrate and target small, local, and specific geographic locations.

Collaborating with influencers and launching a local campaign through Tik Tok paid advertising will help your brand get the recognition and visibility it deserves, and quickly!

In-feed advertising

One of the formats of Tik Tok paid advertising is in-feed advertising, where you can combine videos of your brand on the end-user’s ‘for you’ page. If the video is appealing, enticing, and well-made, it has a high probability of going viral.

Brands use this format to tell their brand stories, product marketing, service contacts, and more. Users can share, comment, like, follow and even use the same Tik Tok word as your video, which offers a flashy marketing effort.


The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses need to be creative in order to reach their specific audience. No matter how big or tight your marketing budget is, rest assured that Tik Tok paid ads can deliver results that most other social media platforms don’t match today.

However, Tik Tok ad management and marketing needs to be done carefully to achieve business objectives and maximize ROI. This is where a tick tock marketing company works. They are dedicated to helping businesses exploit the potential of these new forms of alternative marketing

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