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By Will Corey
May 15, 2022
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The trend of e-commerce in 2022

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods through a digital network. Basically, it’s everything you buy on the internet. And surprisingly, it’s a fast-growing industry, where innovations are constantly improving and facilitating the experience for consumers. Below, we explore some trends to keep an eye on 2022.

Social trade

Social trade is going to be more popular in the coming years You use social media to find and purchase products. This is especially useful for businesses because social media allows them to find potential customers with much greater accuracy. When buying items on Facebook or Instagram, it is often the cheapest, most successful product that triggers the highest sales. And with the ability to create custom store pages in these apps, you can help grow your business with an active social business presence.

Live shopping

Live shopping is also gaining popularity. It basically happens on the social media platform, TikTok, and refers to live streams where viewers can watch product shows and buy directly from the platform. The first item you buy will usually be at a huge discount, but after that, you will buy the product at a slightly lower price than what is sold by a retailer.


Keep an eye out for a trend of personalized content. According to YouGov, about 74 percent of consumers feel frustrated when websites do not personalize content. To achieve this, brands need to provide customers with relevant deals and offers that are suitable for each customer. In fact, many consumers are looking for a personalized loyalty program where they can benefit by consistently supporting a brand or product.


Sustainability is another important area of ​​e-commerce. It is largely driven by consumer preferences. In fact, one in three UK consumers claimed that they stopped shopping for a brand because they had ethical or sustainability concerns about their business. As a result, e-commerce needs to adapt by changing its activities to promote sustainability and minimize its impact on the environment.

Payment options

E-commerce is also moving towards offering different payment options. Consumers are always searching for a smoother shopping experience, and an array of options can help make it easier. From just using your credit card, to using third-party software to create monthly payments, there are many different ways e-commerce can be used to help customers make easy payments.

E-commerce is rapidly evolving. Recent advances can be difficult to follow, but by following the guidelines above, you need to be prepared to enjoy all the latest benefits that e-commerce has to offer when making your next purchase online.

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