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By Will Corey
On May 27, 2022
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The downside of advanced technology

Technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. In the last two decades alone, we’ve seen the rise of smartphones, the introduction of video calling platforms like Skype, a social media takeover, and the fact that Google has become a behemoth.

While there is much to love about these advances, there are also downsides to the way we live our lives online. In order to protect ourselves, it is important for us to flag what these bad aspects are

Lost communication skills

We all arrive for our smartphones in the morning and scroll for hours before turning off the bedside lights. Alexa will give us weather forecasts when we decide what we will wear in the morning and our devices will keep us up to date on what is happening in the world throughout the day. In fact, you are probably reading this article on your phone or tablet.

While this has given us many opportunities – especially in the last two years when we have not seen others in person – it has also affected our ability to communicate properly. Instead of having coffee with friends, many of us would take a picture of Lat and upload it as an Insta Story. Or we might try watching a movie but WhatsApp to a friend of ours for a full two hours.

This can have an impact both personally and professionally, especially if we always rely on the Messenger service and our DM to talk to friends and colleagues.

Depends on the technology

In addition to influencing people on a personal level and employees on a professional level, our overriding reliance on technology is expanding on business. Again, there are plus points, especially during epidemics, where we have been able to set up work from home using new technology.

However, there are times when things can go wrong. In supermarkets, for example, self-scanning machines have become a major headache for shoppers and store staff alike. Where once there may be a slight delay in requesting an operator barcode, we now regularly hear that an unexpected event has occurred in the bagging area. Sometimes, technology does not reign supreme.

Security risks

Online security is a huge concern. There are many reasons why hackers and scammers seek out our detailed information, from security breaches and digital currency compromises to large corporations, to stay away from advanced technology for a short period of time.

Indeed, technology advocates need to constantly brush up on the latest security risks because there is always something new to deal with. Because of these new ways for hackers to access our information, securing online accounts and changing passwords is crucial.

Career effects

There is also a need for continuous staff retraining. With the new software comes further training courses, employees are removed from their roles when they create the latest information.

Also, there is the problem of sticking with technology until the contract is terminated which is old. This could have a negative impact on the business as customers move elsewhere.

At the individual level, job seekers need to have more and more technology-based skills to move forward. Where once you knew your way around Microsoft Office, there is now the prospect of understanding Indigenous and various CMS, with advanced knowledge of programs that often have nothing to do with work.

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