How collaboration software can help your marketing team

By Will Corey
On May 31, 2022
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Did you know that around 20% of new companies in the UK – one in five businesses – crash and burn out in five years? This is a statistic that is important to digest.

The same source notes that ineffective marketing is one of the reasons why many businesses fail. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business because it enables you to strategically promote your product and service offers in a target market.

So, it pays to equip your marketing team with the necessary tools to achieve corporate objectives. One way to help your marketing team achieve this goal is to use collaboration software. This is the type of investment your employees make that will pay dividends.

The global collaboration software segment is worth billions. In fact, Statista says it was valued at around $ 16 billion in 2020 and could be valued at around; 17.9 billion in 2025. If you don’t already have collaboration software, keep reading to see how it can help your marketing team.

Simplified collaboration

If your business is like many UK companies, some of your employees work in the office and some work from their home. Last year, the UK had over 4 million workers contracts that approved flexible working hours. Thus, flexible work is common. When members of your marketing team work from different locations, the collaboration software will put them on the same page. They will have a concentrated space to get together, work as a team and get things done. The software will allow them to work in real-time at any time.

Security Baked In

When you purchase collaboration software from a reputable vendor, you get the premium security features. Intelligent threat identification, security control, and information management will ensure that members of your marketing team are secure when collaborating and sharing documents.

Whether they understand the ins and outs of data protection or not, they will be protected. The landscape of online threats is enough to keep many business owners late. But using the right software will help relieve many of these worries

Streamline workflow

Forbes Note that many small business owners work 60 hours per week – almost twice as many as regular employees. It adds that workflow automation can help small business owners free up time so they can focus on core competencies.

But automated workflows are not only useful for small business owners. The staff they supervise, such as the marketing team staff, can also benefit. Workflow automation is about automating routine tasks so that marketing team members can focus on creating marketing campaigns that bring in more customers and sell more.

App integration

The best collaboration software will allow for app integration. The members of your marketing team will not want to give up all the useful apps that are accustomed to work every day. When you select the right collaboration apps, your team will be able to use the apps of their choice They will be able to access familiar software without compromising security.

Increase productivity

Collaboration software is also about increasing productivity across your marketing segment. When you are able to automate specific tasks and work processes, your staff members will be able to devote more time and attention to mission-critical activities. They don’t have to be inclined to things that can be easily automated.

If you are looking for ways to empower your marketing team members to focus more on strategic initiatives, you may want to consider collaboration software. That could make a big difference. Of course, one collaboration tool is not necessarily as good as the other. So, do your research, read the reviews and ask your acquaintances for a referral before choosing one.

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