How automated gifting can strengthen your bonds with customers and employees

By Will Corey
On June 15, 2022
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If you don’t think of your product as the “perfect gift” material, think again. Even the most efficient items – from mattresses to air purifiers – can fit just what anyone needs. Not surprisingly, automated reward systems are the new business trend this year.

By integrating an automated gift-giving platform, companies can increase customer retention rates and save their human capital. Recently, many businesses, including banks and airlines, have begun building their own systems. Some recent examples include banks, airlines, consulting and accounting firms.

What is a corporate gift system? These are somewhat different from e-commerce platforms, although they do make your company’s products more accessible. The Gift Automation System sends your products as corporate gifts for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.

These platforms are an ideal alternative to spreadsheets that companies often use to organize the gift giving process. With your own gift-giving platform, you can set budgets, manage your recipients’ contracts, schedule gift delivery, collect data, and more. Along with AI, your corporate gift giving platform can also help personalize your gifts.

Analyzing a person’s keywords, digital footprint, social media and preferences, AI-based gifting platforms offer a selection tailored to your recipient’s personality. This means that your employees and customers end up with gifts that they will actually appreciate.

AI plays an important role: with gifts, it is a matter of consideration. According to the “2021-22 Employer Gift-Giving Report”, which cites a survey of 1,092 US-based employees, impersonal gifts can be a disaster – even if your recipient is in a high-income bracket, which brings higher expectations for corporate gifts.

Most employees with a family income of $ 100,000 or more consider gifts from their employers to be “generic.” Also, 42% of respondents প্রায় about half were given items they did not want at first. What’s more, 37% reported an idea that their employers didn’t appreciate them. AI-based corporate gifting systems provide a simple, one-step solution to these problems.

Here are a few more reasons to integrate a corporate gifting platform:

  1. Productivity and efficiency. Such a gift-ordering system can save a lot of time for your brand in terms of operation of things.
  2. Customized features. You can customize the features of your brand’s platform to include marketing reports and more.
  3. Special bonds with top clients. The Inclusive Gifting Platform will create a unique bond between your brand and its VIPs.
  4. Customer retention. The experience of giving a personalized gift will bring your customers back for more.
  5. Preservation of human capital. Corporate gifting platforms can reduce the workload of employees, especially for the marketing department, which typically handles gifts to corporates and customers.

Corsite research projects estimate that the U.S. corporate gift market will grow to $ 306 billion by 2024 at an annual rate of more than 8%. According to our data, businesses around the world are spending more on gifts: last year, the average check increased by more than 70%. By launching your own corporate gifting platform, you can tap into these new emerging trends, which can redefine the future of your professional relationship.

About the author:

Archer Chiang, CEO and founder of Giftpack, is a pioneering AI-based gifting service that analyzes recipients’ digital footprint to offer personalized gift options for each individual. Giftpack Archer’s fourth business. He is 29 years old, and he started his first company at the age of 19. The New York-based startup serves 1,142 corporate accounts in addition to thousands of individual clients and has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco and Taipei. The Giftpack team will join London Tech Week.

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