Gray Goose AR has launched new flavors with experience

Gray Goose AR has launched new flavors with experience

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Premium vodka brand Gray Goose has launched three flavors under its new Gray Goose Essence Belt, including a Duty Free Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) installation at Heathrow Airport, created by expert Metaverse Creative Agency, Swipe Back.

The brand has challenged the agency, which specializes in immersive experience, to create awareness about the expanded portfolio of products by focusing on vision – the first of five senses – to create a multi-sensory AR experience. The goal is to explore new flavors in a busy airport environment for safety-conscious holiday travelers.

When passengers stand in front of the installation, they see virtually frozen screens. Using hand gestures, they can unlock bottles of new flavors of gray goose: watermelon and basil, strawberry and lemongrass, and white peach and rosemary.

Travelers are then asked to select a taste before showing the plant-covered walls on the screen, the flowers capture an enhanced 3D shape of the user, reflecting the traveler’s movements and gestures – intensifying the nature experience. It then displays in-depth information on new flavored content and recipes, including a QR code, on Gray Goose’s website.

The broadcast is currently live on Heathrow Terminal 5 until April 30.

Nikhil Roy, co-founder of Swipeback, said: “As a taste-dependent department, we worked with Gray Goose to create a multi-sensory experience, but with a special focus on vision, capturing the imagination of a competitive traveler. Stables like duty free.

“We’re helping travelers show off their range of tastes through AR technology; Makes the experience immersive, exciting and transformative, everything without the need to touch any screen.

“Gray Goose is already well-established in the beverage sector. Partnering with such an adventurous brand in the next phase of the journey is always exciting because it seeks to reach new audiences in new ways. It could really spell the future of how consumers discover and inspire new flavors. “

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