Empathy.co has launched the Search and Discovery platform

Empathy.co, an expert in innovative trade search, has launched its new search and discovery platform.

The new platform provides consumers with a shopping experience that focuses on trust and privacy, away from the tracking and data storage methods that many companies rely on. Retailers using the platform will benefit from advanced tools and insights to design engaging business experiences that drive customer loyalty.

75% of consumers are concerned about how companies use their data, a key challenge for the confidence building technology industry and more specifically the retail sector. Moving away from aggressive, tracking-based personalization, the new platform will use Ethical and Privacy-Lead AI to provide privacy first personalization and 1: 1 recommendations. These recent innovations give consumers the ability to decide what data they share and how and when they share it with retailers while providing an intuitive and enjoyable user experience.

First in an industry, the platform will provide an overview of the privacy-centric insights of merchandisers so that they are able to review and adapt depending on customer needs and their business needs. This Privacy Board adds value for brands and customers by highlighting and analyzing areas for performance, potential risks and improvements in protecting customer data privacy.

The platform offers a set of extensible microservices with incredible flexibility to enable each retailer to adapt the search and discovery experience to their own, personal business. The new platform’s playboards also provide a set of advanced configuration tools to easily fine-tune the search and discovery experience using no-code controls, allowing retailers to create results, promotions and campaigns and how customers view them.

Empathy.co’s recent innovations address the critical issue of eroding consumer confidence and trust in the digital-first age. The platform is now available to all retailers who can join the likes of Music Magpie, Massimo Dutti, Carrefour and others and take important steps toward protecting customer data and building trust.

Lara Menendez, Product Director at Empathy.co, says: “This new Empathy platform is a landmark not only for business but also for the broader e-commerce sector. We are rapidly reaching a tipping point where consumers will no longer tolerate the misuse of their data and the aggressive practices that characterize much of their current experience online. It is vital that we now re-tip the scales on behalf of consumers and prioritize their privacy and seek to build relationships based on trust and transparency. We are thrilled to be working with retailers and brands like Music Magpie and Massimo Dutti, and to bring it to life with so much more. By initiating these changes and working directly with the business, we can provide the search experience that is seamless and deliver the results they need while protecting customers’ right to data privacy. “

David Part, head of eCommerce at Music Magpie, said: “Working with Empathy.co and implementing this platform as part of our online user experience will help us build and build better and more meaningful relationships with our customers. Continuing to explore ways to improve and enhance our online experience is important for our continued growth and success as a business, using Empathy.co’s new platform we’ve been able to get the best of both worlds, where we can understand and meet. The needs of our customers are time to respect and protect their data privacy. ”

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