BrainLabs acquires FanBytes, the leading influential marketing company

BrainLabs has acquired the influential marketing company FanBytes, strengthening our portfolio to provide a full range of performance channels for clients.

With expertise across platforms including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, Fanbites has built an unparalleled reputation for award-winning campaigns powered by its proprietary data tool Bytesites. Their client list includes Samsung, H&M, Estee Lauder, Mattel, Ubisoft, and Nike.

The 60-strong fanbite team is led by CEO Timothy Armu who started the company while at university in 2017 and was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Europeans list last year. Under the guidance of Timo and co-founders Ambrose Cook and Mitchell Fassania, the company has expanded its service to more than 500 brands worldwide and has grown 130% YoY over the past five years.

By sharing Brainlabs’ data-led, testing and learning methods, Fanbytes has driven its success with Bytesite: a comprehensive dataset of over 3 million influencers directly connected to TikTok and Instagram to monitor growth, predict trends, identify the best influencers. And enables identification. Conversations around their products, competitors and sectors.

Fanbites has built a reputation for innovation through industry-first projects such as Bytesquad, a collection of six top TikTok makers who made history by building Europe’s first TikTok house in 2020. The project has secured brand partners, including 2K Games, Rubik’s and Public Health England.

In 2020, Fanbites launched the Fanbites Impact Fund, a 250K fund dedicated to bridging the pay gap between black and non-black influencers and providing funding and agency expertise to black-owned businesses. In its first year, the fund supported 14 black-owned businesses and 85+ black manufacturers.

Daniel Gilbert, CEO of BrainLabs Global, says of the acquisition:

“I’m excited to welcome FenByte to BrainLabs, not only because I’m amazed at what they’ve achieved in such a short time, but also because I see our digital media offer as an integral part of their jigsaw. Influencer marketing is fast becoming a digital media mix. Has become an integral part so being able to offer it along with our other capabilities under one roof is a huge benefit for our clients.

Also, we can work with the entrepreneurial trio of Timo, Ambrose and Mitchell who have built an incredibly smart and successful business. “

Timothy Armu, CEO of Fanbites, says:

“From day one, fanbites were more than just an ambition for how brands could talk to customers (and vice versa); But there is always a calculated step forward for how we can achieve that. From being the first proponents of Snap and TikTok to taking the industry seriously, we’ve always created our own way to literally innovate ways for brands to use those channels, and help our clients engrave them, and we Eager to continue with BrainLabs.

Through Brainlabs’ global network we can supercharge what we do, bringing our technology, skills and talents to a wider audience. We also found a relative soul that shares similar ambitions. “

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