BrainLabs acquires data services specialist Nebula

Our recent acquisitions see our data science, data engineering, CRO and digital analytics functions strengthened and our presence in APAC enhanced. Since opening the Singapore office last year, Nabler’s Bangalore headquarters represents our second office in APAC.

Founded in 2004, with offices in India and the United States, Nabler advises some of the world’s top 100 brands and Fortune 500 firms, helping them analyze marketing data to better understand customer behavior and drive revenue decisions. Nabler, like Brainlabs, has an award-winning company culture centered on learning, enjoyment and activism.

The acquisition is the second in a week after the purchase of our data-led influential marketing expert Fanbites. The Indian team will be led by Nebular founder and CEO Sebi Kallarakkal, who will report to BrainLabs APAC CEO Mark Fagan.

Seby commented on the acquisition:

“Our goal is to inspire marketers’ confidence in making data-driven decisions. And we’ve found a perfect partnership with BrainLabs that will allow us to run this mission across a huge number of global brands. We are excited to be part of a global organization like BrainLabs and to scale our activities here in India. ”

Daniel Gilbert, Global CEO of BrainLabs commented:

“We love data! It’s at the heart of BrainLabs and will always be so I’m very excited about this move. At Nebula we find a kinship not only in their love of data but also in their people-first culture and thirst for excellence. “

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