Brage for Success has been launched to encourage long-term brand growth

Brage for Success has been launched to encourage long-term brand growth

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Customer engagement platform Braze for Success has unveiled a series of new offers, enhancements and more comprehensive solutions to complement what has been described as platforms.

This portfolio, approach, and community is designed to allow marketers to stay ahead of their peers through customer engagement campaigns, service-built, top-notch customer success, support, and learning from Breeze.

Brands today are navigating through the ever-changing digital transformation and complexity of a dynamic work environment. Research shows that in 2021, there was a 31% increase in marketing professionals who changed jobs compared to 2020. These transformations require brands to upskill and allow their teams to fill the skills gap. So, to increase business ROI, Braze says brands need a well-rounded, trusted partner who will work with their team, leading them to long-term success by meeting the engagement needs of today’s real-time, channel-agnostic customer.

Miles Kliger, President and Chief Customer Officer of Braze, said: “Braze has a remarkable track record of delivering to our customers – with Braze for Success, we continue to build a world-class community around our industry-leading products. , And the best support, success and education in the customer engagement industry to offer what we believe.

“Our success, service and education teams lead by example – building meaningful relationships with our customers that help them improve their operational skills, increase ROI and become customer-centric companies.”

Braze for Success comes with a series of new offers and service enhancements that provide companies with end-to-end support from a trusted partner and enable brands to navigate the complexities of meeting the needs of today’s customers while driving ROI.

  • Start your journey fast: Implementing a new platform and software can be daunting for both big and small brands. Brage for Success involves creating new, more flexible integration and onboarding packages that allow marketers to move faster and take less resources to complete the project. These packages include a bespoke onboarding team of technical and operational experts to expedite the installation, reduce implementation costs and help brands accelerate their first campaigns.
  • Join a global community: Marketers starting with Braz don’t just have access to new technology or onboarding experts. Data-driven marketers also have access to a huge community across the global bridge network. These experts support new Braze customers by demonstrating the best practices, offering compelling case studies, and demonstrating new and innovative ways to use Braze. Braze Bonfire is one such resource – providing access to nearly 6,000 leading professionals representing the world’s top brands as they share advice and insights with affiliate marketers.
  • Grow with Braze Experts: Brage for Success enables marketers to gain new services and support from domain experts to combine the best practices in the industry and the use of effective Braze platforms. This includes new email creative services, which can help new customers translate existing resources into Braz. It will provide brands with their own project managers who will help you develop creative email campaigns without the hassle of outsourcing. Global Program Management is a new service that provides named Braze representatives coordinating their customer engagement projects and campaigns across a brand’s business unit. They will also refine a global framework to support rapid performance and growth, and act as a carrier between the business units of the brand and brand to standardize best practices.
  • High skills with advanced education: As part of Braze for Success, the company has developed its Braze Learning Portal, which helps marketers enhance their customers’ engagement skills through role-specific learning pathways and multi-model learning that supports self-service, trainer-led and mobile learning experiences. For the first time, a new Braze Foundation learning track will also be available to the general public. Once the courses are completed, clients can become certified and become Brage Certified Marketers or Administrators.
  • Support You can see and feel: Braz can help customers promote success with the technical support they need. Brage has strengthened its capabilities by adding a new customer support portal that allows marketers to easily log a support request and view their company’s historically logged requests. It builds on existing Bespoke, internal support that Braze offers, providing round-the-clock access to award-winning global support specialists who focus on saving time and dollars for their clients.

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