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By Will Corey
On May 16, 2022
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It is important to show your employees that you appreciate their work because it will not only boost their morale but also their productivity. Although this is not the only reason why your employees should be appreciated and motivated. Regular praise and motivation will improve employee retention and in return, your business will benefit from a better team of employees.

When Employee Appreciation Day comes once a year, you should make an extra effort to show your team that you are grateful for their work and acknowledge their accomplishments. Here are a few ways to get started.

# 1 Maintain and update the workplace

No one wants to work in a run-down, smelly office. Even if your workplace is in decent shape, taking extra steps to improve and update the office can show your employees that you care for them.

Just a few ideas to start upgrading the desk chair every few years, repainting the walls, changing the decor and installing some extra features like coffee machine or snack fridge.

Small changes can be a great way to make the workplace feel fresh and attractive. You don’t have to renovate the whole office every year, but if the office never changes and your staff is stuck using the same old furniture and smelly kitchen, morale will go down.

# 2. Offer praise and thanks for the good work

Even if an employee only does what they want to do, it’s important to remember to thank them and compliment them for completing the assignment.

Mention aspects of their work that you particularly appreciate and how these aspects help them improve their work. Simple things like “I like how you use graphics to help visualize the report” may make employees feel that their efforts have been valued and seen. It shows a more realistic perception of the work as opposed to a simple “you did well”.

You can be a business owner or a top-level manager, but no more than saying “please” and “thank you” when someone makes a request. Even if what you want is part of an employee’s daily routine, being polite and adding general elegance will help employees feel more valued and respected.

Just as you wouldn’t appreciate an order from someone else, neither would your employees. It’s not only insulting, it also reduces motivation.

# 3. Allow flexible schedules

It is no secret that employees prefer flexible schedules whether they are parents or not. Flexible scheduling will not only give employees more control over their work week, but it will also encourage productivity and ensure higher work satisfaction.

Flexible schedules have many advantages for both employees and employers, but there are also disadvantages. Before switching to a flexible scheduling system, it’s important to weigh both so you know what to expect. Even if the system has some disadvantages, keep in mind that there are disadvantages to the traditional scheduling method.

In addition to allowing flexible schedules, provide employees with a way to communicate and plan their own time off. When employees can work together to schedule vacations, they are much more satisfied and feel that they are being treated more fairly than if a manager made a decision.

Post a year-round calendar somewhere in the office where employees can write down desired and planned vacation times. When everyone sees when others are taking a vacation, they can plan their future vacation accordingly so that the company is not harmed and there is no conflict of schedule.

# 4. Incentives and rewards


Give your employees a reason to work hard and stay productive by providing incentives and rewards to reach certain milestones. Gift cards and bonuses are always highly appreciated by employees and when you offer them multiple ways to earn money, you can encourage productivity and quality work.

# 5. Share information and company reports

Your employees also care about your business. You are not the only one who is interested in knowing how the company is doing and your efforts to provide this information to your employees will not be appreciated.

Sharing reports and results from past and present projects can give employees valuable insights on how their work helps the company. Some employees do not understand how the tasks they complete each week affect the company. By simply providing access to weekly, monthly or yearly reports, you can show employees how their work benefits the company in the long run.

# 6. Make communication easy

There is no reason for your employees to jump through hoops to communicate with you about their concerns or ideas. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t have an easy way to communicate with each other, even if your business doesn’t have many collaborative projects.

Ensuring easy and clear communication between employees and between you and your employees will improve job satisfaction. When ideas and concerns are easier to communicate, employees are more motivated to share their thoughts. They are more engaged with their colleagues and get more motivation to complete the tasks that are waiting for them.

# 7. Encourage creativity

No one wants to work in a place that doesn’t appreciate their creativity or input. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is discouraging creativity in the workplace. Instead, try to show employees that you value their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Even if the ideas are not fantastic, encouraging creativity creates a happier workplace and higher employee satisfaction.

Always show your appreciation


Even when it’s not a day or week of employee appreciation, it’s not a bad time to show your employees that you value and appreciate their day-to-day work. Not only does this create a more positive, welcoming work culture, but it can also help motivate employees to keep up the good work and go the extra mile. With benefits like higher employee retention and satisfaction, there is no reason to show your appreciation in general.

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