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Upskilling, new forecasting methods and increased focus on DEI: New

By Will Corey On June 30, 2022 Advertising, business

Melton Littlepage, Chief Marketing Officer Outreach

The epidemic changes the way we work in flexible ways of working from an office-centric culture. While these changes present challenges in the short term, they provide insights into the kinds of practices that innovative sales leaders must take to stay ahead of the competition.

Today, businesses face many challenges. Consumers are changing purchasing habits, the global supply chain is in crisis and the great resignation is leading to a smoky battle for talent. In the B2B buying and selling world, these challenges are integrated against technological innovation, massive demographic change and rapid sales technology integration. Against this background, sales leaders are acknowledging that their world is changing and adopting new strategies to set up their firms for short- and long-term profits.

Recycling sales representatives and sales leaders

The choices and behaviors of business buyers are changing so fast that sales professionals now need new and extensive skills. According to a recent Forrester survey, sales representatives need to have technology and data fluency, the ability to interact with data and insights, the ability to be creative problem solvers and build strong relationships. This is in stark contrast to the classic trope of salespeople focusing on hitting their targets with little or no concern for their clients.

As customer and employee expectations develop, it becomes increasingly difficult for sales representatives, managers and leaders to develop all the skills necessary for their success. As a result, companies plan to invest or invest in in-house sales training for their managers (85%) and sales representatives (89%). According to the same survey, companies are also investing in sales capability training for their managers (73%) and sales representatives (75%). All of this upskilling means that sales representatives are spending time away from securing deals. To ensure that they can meet their goals on the scale and speed of the post-epidemic world, they need access to the right tools and the right data about their potential habits, interests and preferences. This will enable sales representatives to use empathy to engage with their prospects - effectively moving from a salesperson to a trusted advisor position.

Implement accurate and efficient forecasting methods

In an environment where instability is the norm rather than the exception, sales leaders are under pressure to make their predictions accurate. This is a challenge for most of them. According to Forrester, about 60% of sales leaders say they do not have a well-defined or scientific method for forecasting. Thich leads to the wrong plan based on gut feelings rather than evidence. As a result, sales leaders struggle to plan workloads, sales cycles, and revenue - and engage in meaningful conversations with their leadership team and board of directors about the company's revenue.

This is due to the lack of digital transformation in the sales industry: where marketing, finance and operations have long applied digital tools and automation to manage significant parts of their work, many sales teams still rely on the little black book of communication and when each sales cycle ends. About salesman's idea. In a post-epidemic world where competition is fiercer than ever, and budgets are more limited, sales leaders need a forecasting platform that collects data and integrates insights in real-time. This allows them to gain accurate visibility on transactions, pipelines, forecasts and one-moment notices.

To make the sales industry more diverse and inclusive

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are becoming an organization-wide priority - and for good reason. According to a recent Deloitte Insight survey, more than half of consumers are loyal to the brand who are committed to eliminating social inequality in their actions; And the same proportion of executives believe that the company’s objectives dictate their corporate social responsibility investment strategy and employee decision-making.

Sales Leaders Agree: 67% of sales leaders believe that diversity in their sales team is important, and hiring and retaining a diverse sales team is key to their organization's success. Vendors often consider a company to be the first point of contact, firms must commit to DE&I or risk losing revenue and talent. Top performers looking for a new role are more likely to apply for companies whose purpose is aligned with them. For employers, this can serve as a good way to retain employees and avoid hiring in a market that is strongly oblique to employees. Simply put, companies can’t afford to wait until they lose deals and talent to prioritize DE&I within their sales organization.

However, the core of any DE&I policy needs to be at the core of practical action. This is why Outreach recently introduced a new policy to support its employees who prefer to go through the gender reassignment process, both emotionally and financially; Why it is committed that its staff base in each office location will reflect the diversity of the local population; And that’s why it decided to open its new office in Atlanta to increase access to a powerful, diverse talent pool.

Key Takeaways

Sales have a mix of science and art and always will. In the hybrid world of buying and selling, vendors need to have advanced skills at the top level in order to stay ahead of the competition. Sales leaders who are embracing new technologies and adapting old ways to a new sales landscape are in the best position to win new clients and avoid lagging behind.

To stay ahead, sales leaders must double the training of sales representatives and managers; Make sure you have the right tools, data sets and insights; And implement DE&I policies to retain employees, attract new talent, and win new deals.


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How does a headless CMS work?

By Will Corey On June 30, 2022 In advertising, business, digital marketing, online advertising, search marketing


Headless CMS (Content Management System) may seem a little confusing, especially if you have no idea what a content management system is first. However, it is not so difficult to understand or explain and soon you will be able to understand all the benefits and what headless CMS can do for your website and your content companies.

Now, a traditional CMS is a content management system that is fully integrated with the display function of a 'head' or website. For them, you often get "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG), because what you do in the backend of the website is seen in the CMS. Also, everything is packed in one system.

To use an example, suppose you have a content that you use a simple CMS to handle. You want to push this content to a website on a computer, but you decide that it would be great if the content was also formatted for mobile. However, the CMS only goes to the computer, rather than to any device, because the computer is the 'head'.

You can also think of a CMS as a straight road leading to a destination, where there is no way to deviate from the path or otherwise move. Instead, you need to take that straight path, so that the content goes to the computer.

On the other hand, Headless CMS will allow you to customize and post content anywhere using the API (Application Programming Interface), where you can take part of the content and post it to any device. Instead of a straight road with a destination, you have a detour and branch road that goes in many directions but eventually returns to the same destination, which gets your content in the hands of those who need it.

Going deep and headless

A headless CMS gives editors a place to manage their content while providing content via an API for developers. The API acts as a bridge that connects back-end content to front-end codes and templates. So with the right API you can fully customize your content and place it on any front end of your choice without having to lock in a choice via CMS.

All your content and APIs are hosted in the cloud and then sent wherever you want to send content. For example, you can put your content on the web, as well as on mobile devices, VR and voice. Headless CMS can use the API to connect to anything, which makes it helpful for current and future evidence for the next technology we use to access our data.

How does a headless CMS help a business?

The biggest advantage of having a headless CMS is that you can share a lot of content in many places, without spending a lot of time. You don't have to use multiple content management systems to support all the ways you want your content out. Instead, you can use only one headless CMS for unlimited digital channels.

Although CMS combines code and content, which makes it impossible to share content anywhere other than the same code, Headless CMS separates website code from website content. Not only does it make content editing and website development easier, but it also allows people to develop the website without compromising any of the content already on the website.

The biggest advantage of headless CMS is if your business is public. If you want to make an update or your business has caught a mistake, and you have 50 items that you need to fix or update, you don't want to fix everything one by one. With Headless CMS, you can update to a central position and then push the change to all the important places with one or two clicks.

Many businesses have switched to a headless CMS just for this!

Get a headless CMS for your business!

Now that you have learned what a headless CMS is, and how it works and can benefit you, you can make an introduction to your business process. This will help you keep your content running and now that you know how it works, you can make it work for you!

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Why 2022 is the Year of ‘Relationship Marketing’?

The way to engage with consumers is to publish a new e-consultancy report in partnership with Real-Time, Hyper-Personalized Experience, Cheetah Digital. The report, '2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index: Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging, Advertising and Brand Loyalty' indicates that consumers across the UK often unexpectedly interact with multiple channels.

Speaking to Paula Thomas on her weekly podcast "Let's Talk Loyalty", Cheetah Digital's content VP and data team broke the key takeaways of the Glomb Report, discussing privacy, privacy, messaging and brand loyalty in the UK.

Tim, who leads the global report every year, says consumer insights have long been a significant driver for his marketing strategies. “You can have a great marketing team and a lot of smart people in a house, but if you don’t really listen to the audience and get their feelings and attitudes, you’re going to miss the mark,” he says.

ROI of personalization

As can be seen, greater personalization has resulted in a return on investment (ROI) and long-term consumer excitement. But it is important to get it right. “If you can personalize the scale, you’re not really doing what consumers expect,” Tim said. "Our report shows a 110% lift among people who want to be considered as an individual, which really strengthens investment in Cheetah Digital's strategy and personalization engines."

“As a marketer, it's something you can't sleep on anymore. Not after Kovid. People want a voice. They want to be recognized, and they want to be recognized for their loyalty and loyalty to the brand. The data speaks for itself - I'm not saying you have to personalize; That's about 5,000 people telling you. "

Before anything else, marketers need to create a strategy that involves getting closer to their customers. Customers say, 'We are happy to provide our data and sign up for your marketing program in exchange for relevant offers sent directly to me.'

Unpacking the bad and ugly of cookie-based strategies

In the report, incognito browsing has increased by 50% this year compared to last year. “It’s like a kind of rebellion,” Tim notes. “Over the years, marketers have gotten fat on cookie technology. We've adopted technology that has made us lazy marketers, putting aside creativity and focusing solely on sales goals. And consumers are on top of it. They're done. They don't care about your marketing plan. "

He believes that the sooner marketers realize this and start building relationships, the better. “Relationship marketing needs a kick in the pants this year,” he says. "It's time to dump her and move on. We need to start doing this with our audience.

As browsers like Google cement their plans to drastically reduce third-party cookie tracking and consumers become more proactive about protecting their online privacy, marketers need to move to a first-party and zero-party data marketing strategy to strengthen their advertising. They must get permission from their customers or risk being labeled as “terrible”.

Paula says it's a fine line between what is right to use and what is absolutely unacceptable. “I was talking to a friend recently about a cold sore. And immediately, I started getting ads for herpes cream on my mobile phone. It was painful, ”he shared.

Tim says things like that happen often. Cheetah Digital reports that more than half of UK consumers (64%) believe cookie tracking is awful. “There is a better way and that is permission-based marketing. It's not rocket science. In fact, it should be common sense, ”he says.

“But the data shows that, year after year, people are becoming increasingly frustrated with such strategies,” he says. “Marketers need to take note and leave those strategies to the real spies in the world. They need to build better relationships. ”

Recognition is key

This year’s report further highlights that consumers want to feel like they are part of a community. In the value exchange economy, UK consumers are rewarding brands that prioritize personalization and more than half (54%) say they will trade personal and preferred data to feel part of a brand's community.

“For a brand, it means creating a forum for customers to get involved and get to know each other,” says Tim. “Brands can create value in more ways than points alone. Upgrades are great, but they're not enough if you don't give a sense of community and don't recognize individual actions. "

Paula agrees, adding the importance of innovative loyalty. “With most of this, the whole industry will prosper,” he says. "Consumers will increase their engagement as soon as they have the opportunity to connect with the brand."

Tim says Cheetah Digital rewards itself for a powerful, customized and emotional loyalty solution. “We don’t sell one-size-fits-all solutions. It is arbitrary; Each brand is completely unique. We get excited when brands ask us to come up with something different that goes beyond points, rewards and transactions, ”he said.

Email continues to reign supreme

As third-party cookies continue to crumble, one of the biggest revelations for marketers is the sheer truth that relationship marketing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Competition and sweepstakes, for example, are cost-effective methods for engagement.

However, to get the most push for their money, Tim says technology must be adopted. "As brands begin to use technology to continue conversations and listen meaningfully to customers, their loyalty and product offers become more connected to their audience. Technology enables marketers to make the right offer to the right person at the right time," he said.

Email remains an incredibly effective tool for marketers. When it comes down to it

Driving sales, reports found that Email Beat provides social and display ads

Up to 128% in the UK.

"Email number one driver remains," says Tim. "It surpasses other channels for running banner ads, social posts and commerce." And it's been around forever. Email is a big thing, and it's something every brand needs to have a strong strategy. "

One of the reasons email is effective year after year is its personalization ability. "You can personalize email in a database without just a first name," the team noted "Now, we can inject keywords into the subject line to affect the open rate."

Relationship marketing to win

Experts agree that 2022 is the year of relationship marketing. At Cheetah Digital, we want to push brand marketers to reevaluate. Are they really building a real relationship or are they just meeting their own needs and their own goals? ”

It’s also remarkable, as Tim says, to learn, to be humble and to acknowledge that it’s okay for you not to have everything sorted out. Secret? Someone has sorted everything out.

“Don’t panic if you don’t have your strategy fully mapped,” Tim said. "Find resources, download our reports, go to Cheetah Digital or other platforms like ours that have resources and do your homework so you can make the best decision for your brand."

Takeaway? Put the consumer at the center of your efforts, build relationships with them and you will win. Your brand will win.

About Cheetah Digital

Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for modern marketers. The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to create personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging and loyalty strategies, underpinned by an engagement data platform that can scale to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers. Many of the world’s best brands, including Starbucks, Hilton, Neiman Marcus, Levi’s, and Williams-Sonoma, rely on Cheetah Digital to help them drive their revenue, build long-lasting customer relationships and provide a unique value exchange throughout the customer’s lifecycle. To learn more, visit

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Most customers rely on video when shopping online

Most customers rely on video when shopping online

Duncan is an award-winning editor with more than 20 years of experience in journalism. Since beginning her technology journalism career as editor of Arabian Computer News in Dubai, she has edited an array of technology and digital marketing publications, including Computer Business Review, TechWeekEurope, Figaro Digital, Digit and Marketing Gazette.

According to a survey by Brightkov, 85% of consumers worldwide rely heavily on video when purchasing products and services online.

As part of a global investigation led by online video platform providers, buyers around the world have shared their perspectives on how important video is as part of the purchasing journey.

Some of the key findings of the study include:

প্রায় Nearly half of consumers worldwide (48%) say that video boosts their confidence to shop online

· 71% say videos with interactive features - such as shopping links - are essential when making an online purchase

64 64% of consumers worldwide say they can't wait more than five seconds for a video to load on a retailer's website

More than half of the participants in the livestream event said they made the purchase as a result of a live virtual shopping experience

36% said that video is the most helpful in discovering new products online

Jillian Ryan, Senior Director of Content Strategy at Brightcove, says: Almost all (97%) professionals at this age agree that video content and communication are useful in the later stages of their purchasing journey. "

A significant portion of this group prefers video over written format for post-purchase situations. For example, 80% of millennials prefer video to learn how to use a product or service, and 81% prefer video to written problem solving.

Ryan added: "In what ways do millennials find the video the most helpful? More than half (53%) report that the video is the most helpful in sharing information with colleagues / colleagues who may also benefit from their recent purchases.

"So how can B2B businesses reach today's growing millennial workforce? Provide video content for potential and customers to explore and engage throughout their purchasing journey. This means not only hosting video content on your company's website but throughout their journey with your brand. Meet your customers with videos across TouchPoint. ”

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Instagram Rich List 2022: Ronaldo holds the top spot

Cristiano Ronaldo tops Hopper HQ's annual Instagram Rich List for the second year in a row, earning $ 2.39m per post, up 49% from last year.

The list reveals the platform's highest-earning names, based on internal and publicly available data, including celebrities, athletes, or influencers covering fitness, beauty, and lifestyle.

In second place is Kylie Jenner, who jumped from fourth place in 2021, her earnings increased by 22%. Those on the top 10 list this year are earning an average of 27% more per post on the platform than in 2021.

The top 10 on the Instagram Rich List 2022 are:

(Celebrity, number of followers and estimated earnings per post)

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - 460 million followers - পোস্ট 2,397,000 per post

2. Kylie Jenner - 354 million followers - পোস্ট 1,835,000 per post

3. Lionel Messi - 343 million followers - পোস্ট 1,777,000 per post

4. Selena Gomez - 331 million followers - পোস্ট 1,735,000 per post

5. Dwayne Johnson - 325 million followers - পোস্ট 1,712,000 per post

6. Kim Kardashian - 321 million followers - 68 1,689,000 per post

7. Ariana Grande - 319 million followers - পোস্ট 1,687,000 per post

8. Beyonce Knowles - 265m followers - 1,392,000 per post

9. Khloe Kardashian - 258m followers - 1,320,000 per post

10. Kendall Jenner - 245 million followers - পোস্ট 1,290,000 per post

Visit to see the full Instagram Rich List and the key names it created - additional TikTok and Pinterest Rich Lists and 'Cancel Lists'.

In the past year, Instagram has reached an average of 27% more revenue per post compared to the top 10 of the Rich List 2021. Since the list began to exist in 2017, the Instagram earnings of the top 10 celebrities have increased 76% - from an average of $ 9m in 2020 to m 16m in 2022.

For the first time in its six-year history, has released a TikTok Rich List, detailing how many stars make money on the platform. Charli D'Amelio TikTok tops the list of richest people with 142m followers and earns $ 105k per post. Despite being ranked 39th on the Instagram Rich List, he earns 263k per post on the platform. has also released a Pinterest Rich List, revealing that the platform’s top earners have all emerged as women, lifestyle and interior design tops.

The top 5 on TikTok's rich list are:

1. Charlie D'Amelio - 142.9 million followers - $ 105,100 per post

2. Dug in the news - 144.5m followers - $ 90,490 per post

3. Bella Porach - 90.3 million followers - পোস্ট 66,830 per post

4. Addison Rye - 88.1 million followers - পোস্ট 65,200 per post

5. Kimberly Loiza - 64.m followers - $ 47,380

The rise of ‘cancellation culture’ over the past few years, and celebrities losing influence for a variety of reasons, has affected the data, with big names like Will Smith, Amber Hard and Johnny Depp being dropped from the original list and ‘canceled list’. In 2021, the ‘Fresh Prince of Bell-Air’ star could earn $ 338k per post on Instagram, yet after months of inactivity, Smith is currently forecast to earn $ 0 through the platform.

Mike Bander, co-founder of, says: “Every year when we reach Instagram Rich List, we are amazed at the earning power of celebrities and influential people on Instagram. With Ronaldo back at Manchester United and the release of his wife's Netflix show, it's no surprise that the football icon has retained his number one spot. It is also interesting to see the rise and fall of stars in the rankings; Kylie Jenner reclaimed second place after dropping to fourth place last year, when her sister, Kholo, found herself in the top 10 for the first time. This, due to the ‘cancellation of culture’ or loss of influence, along with the loss of the ability to earn big names, has made this year’s results really interesting.

“With the growing popularity of TikTok, we became interested in finding out what TikTok stars earn through the platform and how it affects their earnings on Instagram. Although TikTok earnings are low, it may be due to the relative infancy of the platform. Yet the fact that platforms like Instagram are adapting to compete with the video app is an indicator of TikTok's strength and potential growth, so we'll probably see stars earn more on TikTok next year and less on Instagram. "

Leading global brands are personally interested in hearing discussions on topics like this? Learn more about the Digital Marketing World Forum (#DMWF) Europe, London, North America and Singapore.

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If you recently created a vision of a successful account on Instagram

By Will Corey Dated June 28, 2022 Business


Instagram gives thousands of people every day plenty of opportunity to promote and sell their products and services - as many as there are personal accounts, Insta hosts more business-oriented pages that only come here for monetization. This platform has a number of convenient multimedia formats for those looking for ways to monetize their page and also - the opportunity to collaborate with bloggers, advertisers and huge companies who want to collaborate. In other words, it is an open space where you can do what you dreamed of. But: You need to meet a number of conditions to be visible here.

No one will pay attention to them on a half-blank page, although there are some good offers. Today you need to be not only a salesperson, but also a media manager - beautifully organized and crafted visuals are crucial for people to be interested in what you are putting forward. And it's perfectly understandable that some people just don't know how to do it or don't have a budget for photographers and editors: in this case you can use some simple programs for photo processing and create photos yourself. If you have a modern smartphone, this is probably going to be enough: if you want the best shot, we suggest switching to an iPhone. You don't even have to buy a new one, any model starting from an iPhone X will do it.

The next step is to write decently. No one will read Office, there are no divisions and no emojis - your description should be as beautiful as your photo. And it applies not only to posts, but also to stories, reels and IGTV. You should arrange them as if you were telling your friend the story: Don't use too heavy and too long a sentence. Try to “talk” to your audience and don’t drown it in useless and clich phrases. Once you’ve organized your details, you need to create a new habit of posting regularly and always remember to keep in touch with your audience. Your smartphone is now your new best friend: the faster you reply to messages, the better it will be for your profile stats and your sales.

Is it all? We want: Sadly, not only do you need to organize the visuals and content of your profile decently, there are also some metrics that play a huge role in choosing to be a buyer of a particular company or brand of product. What we mean here is that you need to have a certain number of subscribers, likes, comments and views to look attractive and successful. If you don't have any or very few of them, it's time to worry about your stats and your popularity. What’s going on with these two and how can you make them better?
So, thanks to today’s progress, there are some simple ways you can follow to fix things. We'll tell you about the fastest and easiest: the opportunity to buy Instagram followers. Using this service can turn your life upside down and bring you your first sales and first regular client you have dreamed of for so long. To meet this, you only need to find a company that sells decent followers and preferences and makes it possible for clients to receive quality packages for a reasonable price. It can be difficult and time consuming, but it is definitely much better than wasting money on a scam. What is a scandal in this particular case? When companies sell fake followers (bots, dead pages) to people and claim that they will do no harm and help promote a page. Meanwhile, these will only lower the statistics and lead the account to a shadow ban.

So be careful what you buy and always make this purchase look normal. If you don’t have any of them on your profile right now, don’t accept thousands of subscriptions and try to combine several promotional methods so that those who already follow you and those who will start doing it have no doubts about your promotional methods.

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A guide for employers on how to stop harassment in the workplace

By Will Corey On June 27, 2022 Business

The effects of bullying in the workplace can be far-reaching and devastating. It can cause physical and emotional harm to victims, lead to absenteeism and reduce productivity and create a hostile work environment. Overall, bullying can have extremely negative effects on both individuals and organizations.

It is also important to recognize that employers are legally obligated to provide a safe and harassment-free workplace. If you are a victim of harassment at work, you have the right to take legal action against your employer.

From the company’s point of view, this can not only be costly financially, but it will also take away management time from running the business and have a negative impact on the morale of other employees.

So what can employers do to stop harassment in the workplace?

There are a number of things employers can do to deal with workplace harassment, including:

Develop and implement anti-harassment policies

This means having a policy that prohibits harassment and outlines the consequences of violating the policy. The policy should be clearly communicated to all employees and applied regularly.

Creating a reporting system

It gives employees a way to report incidents of secret assassinations Ensure follow up of all reports and take appropriate action. It is vital that the person nominated for the notification is an employee who feels comfortable coming.

Build a culture of respect

This includes modeling respectful behavior, encouraging employees, talking if they witness bullying, and intervening if necessary. Promoting a culture of respect goes a long way in preventing bullying from happening in the first place.

Provide training

Managers and staff are trained on what constitutes bullying behavior and how to report it, and this can help create a culture of zero tolerance for riots.

Conducting investigations into allegations of harassment

When allegations of bullying are made, a thorough investigation is essential. This will help determine what happened and whether sufficient evidence supports the allegations.

Taking appropriate disciplinary action

If an employee is found to be involved in harassing behavior, appropriate disciplinary action should be taken. This may include a warning, test or even termination.

What is bullying?

Harassment can take many forms, but it usually involves some kind of repetitive or aggressive behavior. It is important to recognize that bullying can be both secret and public. This means that it can be either obvious or subtle that only the perpetrator and the person being persecuted are aware of what is happening.

There are different types of threats-

Physical abuse

This includes any form of physical violence or aggression, such as hitting, kicking, pushing or even just threatening violence.

Verbal harassment

Verbal harassment is when someone makes offensive or threatening remarks, including name-calling, insults, and put-down. Don’t forget to consider it just a ‘banner’ - it can be just as harmful as a physical threat.

Social harassment

Social harassment is when someone tries to damage someone's reputation or social position. This may include spreading rumors, excluding someone from the group, or intentionally embarrassing others.

Cyber ​​bullying

Cyber ​​bullying is when someone uses technology to intimidate someone else. This may include sending threatening or offensive messages, posting abusive pictures or videos, or creating fake profiles or websites.

Social harassment

It involves trying to damage someone's reputation or social status. This may include spreading rumors, gossiping or excluding someone from the group.

The effects of bullying on a business

The effects of bullying on a business can be significant. Bullying may be:

Decreased productivity

When a person is bullied, they may have difficulty concentrating and completing their tasks, which can lead to reduced productivity. This means that meeting with employees to understand what could be causing the problem is where there are low productivity events. Do not jump to conclusions!

Absence increases

Employees who are harassed can often start calling when they are sick or take more unscheduled days off. They want to be the last place in the world at work, where they are being bullied.

High employee turnover

Employees who are repeatedly bullied may eventually start looking for a new job. This can lead to higher employee turnover, which can be costly for a business and lead to reduced productivity.

Morale has decreased

A workplace where bullying is tolerated can have a negative impact on employee morale. Employees may begin to feel that they are not valued or that their safety is not a priority.

Legal action

If an employee thinks they have been harassed, they can take legal action against the company. It can be both time consuming and incredibly expensive. It should also be considered that if the case goes to legal action, it is likely to appear in the local press, which could damage the business reputation.

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Tips on how to stay cool at night

By Will Corey On June 24, 2022 Business


People all over the world are accustomed to living and sleeping in hot weather. However, it can be difficult to find comfort at night for the rest of us who have to deal with the changing seasons and many heat waves. This makes the whole night of deep sleep much more challenging because you try to get a good night’s sleep.

Not being able to sleep can damage our body and mental health, leading to significant irritation, headaches, brain fog and eventually fatigue. No need to worry, though; You can follow a few tips to get a good night’s sleep on this warm night, whether you usually have a great sleep or not. In this article, we’ve put together top tips and solutions for staying cool at night in bed.

According to the latest research, the ideal sleep temperature ranges from 15 to 19 degrees Celsius. It’s not just the perfect temperature to prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night because you’re getting wet with sweat or your feet are too cold. If you have this problem, think of a bed for night sweats.

A 15 to 19 C helps a human body maintain a REM sleep cycle or deep sleep and ensures myelin production at night as needed. These are the normal processes that lead to healthy, uninterrupted dreams.

So, how can you stay calm while sleeping?

Take a warm shower

Taking a warm bath before going to bed sounds crazy, but it helps your body temperature cool down quickly; This is because of the human body; After a light bath, your body will cool down on its own. However, taking a warm bath before going to bed can be dangerous, so it is best to take a bath an hour before bed to normalize your body temperature.

Open the window, close the screen / blind

People living in dry and hot climates know that it is impossible to keep their clothes cool from excessive heat. Conversely, people should cover their bodies from direct sunlight.

The same thinking applies to your bedroom. Keep the screen closed on hot days. It takes a while for a house to cool down after a day of truly heated sun. A good way to cool down at night is not to reduce the temperature in the room in the evening, but not to let the temperature rise at first.

Choose suitable bed sheets

During the heat wave, it is important to choose the right clothes. The same applies when you are trying to sleep. To understand how to stop feeling hot at night, you need to follow a few rules.

Polyester or silk sheets are great for storing high temperatures, but you don’t need it for hot summer nights.

Excellent quality linen is the perfect bedding material: it’s not only great for your skin, it’s a garment material that maintains temperature overnight. Unfortunately, linen is a slightly more expensive option. A great alternative might be cotton, or try a Breathe Duvet or Smart Temperature Duvet cover.

Try Egyptian cotton

Have you heard of Egyptian cotton? Basically, the Egyptian method solves the problem of extreme heat at night by sleeping on a wet sheet.

  1. You can wet your bed sheets and run them with a tumble dryer so they don't get wet.
  2. Make your bed with cool, damp bed sheets.
  3. Wake up in a dry bed, feel calm, fresh and ready to start a new day.

Do not work in bed

Have you heard any other advice about cooling a house at night? People who like to watch movies, do work assignments or scroll Facebook or Instagram in bed during the day often have trouble sleeping at night. It is important to separate work and rest areas. On a long, stressful day, relaxing in bed always seems tempting.

However, our brains need to associate your bed with rest and a good night’s sleep. This Pavlovian effect or classical conditioner, by forming a new association through behavioral training, can help you fall asleep.

No matter which cooling method you prefer, many options will help you Stay cool while sleeping.

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Everything you need to know about a serviced office: The main advantage

By Will Corey On June 23, 2022 Business


All businesses need an office at some point - just a place where they can work relatively peacefully and without distraction or interference. And most entrepreneurs and business owners know that serviced offices are exactly what they need, and it's no surprise that serviced offices have grown since the epidemic. After all, they are like a work environment from home. The main difference is that it is set up like a modern office, and you do not have to deal with any hassle or confusion, as opposed to the work scene from home. You can effectively separate your home and personal life from your professional life and it is much less expensive than a traditional lease. But if you are thinking about how a serviced office can help you, then there is more to seeing than being seen in a serviced office. Here's what you need to know about a serviced office: Key Benefits 7

Who is it for?

First, do you have a serviced office? If you are a sole trader or owner or you have a startup enterprise, you can benefit from a serviced office. If you are running a small business, you can use a serviced office. If your business is growing or expanding and you need space for this growth, then a serviced office may be right for you. And if you want to branch out into a new market and test the water first, you can start with a serviced office. There are many serviced offices in places like Manchester, and click here if you want a glimpse.

The main advantage

It can serve as a foundation as you grow

As mentioned, serviced offices are great for a wide range of businesses. Since the word is flexible, you can easily scale or scale your activities. For example, if you are a startup and you are experiencing some growing pains, the service-providing office will gladly give you the space you need to grow. It's relatively easy to upgrade your contract and get more people on short notice; Alternatively, you can have a small space if you want to make your activities smaller.

It does not come with a downtime

Moving to a new office can be challenging and you have to deal with the downtime you need. But serviced offices are ready to go - which means you can take advantage of the benefits as soon as you enter. You can manage your business directly without having to worry about downtime, because the tools and utilities are already set up for you.

আছে There are additional services you can take advantage of

Here's a few basic facts about a stomp pad and how it works - especially for those who are just starting out. For example, most serviced offices will have a managed reception area where staff can answer for you and most have meeting and conference rooms for rent. And there's more - some have 24/7 security and CCTV, and some rent equipment, such as handsets and computers. Finally, to get the most out of a serviced office, remember one more thing: go for on-site parking, because it's an invaluable component these days!

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The advantage of being a well known broker

By Will Corey On June 23, 2022 Business


It is no secret that the Forex market is the largest financial market in the world. As of 2021, statistics show that the global Forex market is valued at $ 2.409 quadrillion with a daily volume of $ 6.6 trillion. With such a huge market, it can be assumed that the services of experts in various fields are constantly being relied upon.

The Forex Market welcomes participants from all walks of life, from active traders to passive and even those who do not trade but help others trade through their services. This is the next section of participants that this article will refer to.

Join us on how to make a profit without closing and opening positions.

Who is a well known broker?

An introductory broker can be defined as a partner who earns commissions by working with a brokerage company to trade new clients using the company's platform. They can be either a person or a business entity. And they are usually called intermediaries because they are intermediaries between a lead and a client.

It is important to note that Ib Forex trading has become popular due to intense competition among brokers as each broker is trying to outperform the other by increasing their client base. Most of the time people confuse them with an authorized one. This misconception can be attributed to the similarity of their roles as they both perform marketing functions. However, what sets them apart is that a promotional broker performs more personal tasks. These personal functions range from the provision of financial advisory services to the provision of educational materials and trading signals. All of this is done to improve a client's overall trading experience.

On the other hand, an affiliate has more of a transactional relationship with a client. Once a lead signs up with their unique link, the agreement between the two parties ends.

You do not need to have any special license or documents to become an IB. Or you don't have to pay any special fees. All you need to do is work in finance, especially in the niche of foreign exchange. An IB must also have a strong online presence. Because often your potential converts come from your network of active followers.

The process of persuading clients to trade with your company becomes seamless when you operate a platform that spreads Forex content. This is because potential customers see you as an authority that makes it easier to trust you and your recommendations. As an IB, you must have top communication and social skills as they are the mainstay of modern day marketing. It is important to note that the payment structure used to allocate commissions to introduce brokers differs from company to company. However, the most common payment model for IBs Rebate

How it works is that the more transactions are made by the mentioned lead, the higher their commission.

Some platforms also employ one-time commission models. This means that as soon as a new trader registers and starts trading, a one-time payment is made to IB.

The advantage of being a Forex IB

Signing up as a promoter broker is not without its benefits. They include:

  1. Increased potential for entrepreneurial growth

Being a Forex IB is a great way to hone your entrepreneurial skills. Because this platform allows you to use your skills and technology to earn money by solving the trading needs of different clients.

Introduced brokers also have the opportunity to build their brand identity, followers and communication skills that must be in the arsenal of every 21 people.St. Century Entrepreneurs.

Therefore, Forex IB can play a role in marketing, customer relations, public relations and financial services.

  1. Provision of multiple ways to increase profits

One of the advantages of being an IB is that your profits can be made from different earning models.

The only thing you need to do to enable these larger earnings is to properly understand the dynamics of the marketing structure. For example, the traffic and lead marketing model would be useful for an IB who has a job in digital marketing and a huge following.

This is because they earn commissions based on the number of impressions and clicks on the links used in client sourcing.

IBs who are considering becoming a Forex broker can also build their audience and refer clients to the services of the broker they are partnering with. It is important to note that Forex brokers also have the luxury of monetizing third-party information dissemination platforms such as YouTube and WordPress.

  1. Non-financial benefits

Although rebates are earned for each successful lead introduction, IBs are generally responsible for other benefits in the form of incentives.

Most top forex brokers offer their IBs sponsorship opportunities and a skilled marketing support team. By hosting events and allowing brokerage companies to advertise on your social media channels, you can build a solid client base.

This community of clients helps you grow as an entrepreneur because a large number of them are investors and traders doing business in different markets. Imagine trading with crypto and stock market trading traders and investors.

Doing so expands the range of the market for you to become an experienced financial expert.

  1. Freedom

Being a Forex IB means you don't have to be limited to 9-5 work rigidity.

Therefore, you can take on other job roles without risking your IB career. A large percentage of Forex IB. Compared to an affiliate program, the work of an IB provides more flexibility because the services provided later are more tailored to a client's trading needs.

With your unique trading strategy, you can offer value-driven services to your clients through your broker's platform.

  1. An affordable way to generate revenue

Being a Forex IB requires little to no financial investment. All you need to do is build a strong community of active followers and have a decent knowledge of Forex financial market activities.

Also, in order to get your work done, you don't need to buy promotional tools and materials since the broker has already assigned them after registering as IB.


Anyone can be IB and location is no barrier. Europeans, Asians and Malaysians can be brokers familiar with the audience of good marketing skills and active traders. It offers a real way to supplement a regular income.

Residents who want to make it a full-time job can partner with a reputable broker to meet the needs of their various clients. Interested IBs should keep in mind that in order to differentiate themselves in the Forex market, they must sharpen their communication skills.

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